EVENT Company

We are passionate about creating events that truely reflect our clients. We love bringing together all aspects of an event from the most innovative design in food and beverag presentation, amazing venues, and always creating the 'WOW' factor . Whatever your event is, we can do perfect.

Our Execution

  • Our team of experienced workers - supervised by professionals ensures projects are executed
    – Ontime and
    – As per design & specifications.
  • Spacious production workshop ensures prefab work and storage prior to execution.
  • Our experience guides us in delivering quality services.
  • When Will You Need Us?

    • Every time you have a: -
      – Conference
      – Event
      – Exhibition, or
      – Promotion

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    • LCV Fabrication
    • Stalls
    • Conferences
    • Events
    • File Map

    Our U.S.P.


    Over a 1000 Projects
    We have experienced most of the variations& fluctuations the market has to offer


    Turnaround Time

    Propriety processes and an evolved vendor system assures speed


    Recent Events

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